Francesco Garaffa aka Jeffckott, began his career in 1996 as a rhythm guitarist and soloist.


In 2001 he founded the Phoenix, a cover metal band, that after several experiences in the Rock and Metal local scene, led him to share the stage with Exawatt, Vision Divine, Atemno, Strider and Subliminal Crusher.


Between 2003 to 2009, Jeffckott created a guitar and voice duo the J.M.RockAcousticDuo. In 6 year of hard work he did more of 300 concerts and with whom he participated in an editions of Summer Jamboree, an italian nation-wide event held in Senigallia and with whom he toured London, (UK). He also collaborated with other artists in studio projects as well as live events including a featuring with violinist Patrick Wright (ex Modena City Ramblers).

In 2011 Jeffckott began to study and deepen the art of singing, which projects him into a new professional dimension.

In the same year he joined Mass Crysis, a thrash metal band, as the main vocalist.

With the band, he recorded the demo DieTotale, in 2012.

(available in all digital stores and in physical copies), as a promotional effort to the record, Mass Crysis were chosen by the international band Neurasthenia as official opener of their EvilThrashtour in Eastern Europe.

In 2014 he gave birth to a current soloist project Jeffckott Guitar & Voice which led him to perform on the stage of FBShow in Udine, a live event with over 12.000 admissions.

In 2016 the AcousticProjectDemo was released containing two unreleased songs, available in physical mode.

In the middle of 2017, he started experimenting in a new live acoustic key with a guitar, pedals, voice, cymbal and loop station characterizing and identifying the project as OneManBand.

During the quarantine and lockdown that followed the 2020 pandemic, Jeffckott started the SundayImpro online project, a series of videos aimed at audiences who enjoy listening to real original music.

Its main features are: shot on Sundays, hence the name "Sunday" and improvisation, hence the name "Impro".

The project involves real naked music with a single musical instrument at the center of attention which is the acoustic guitar, without any effect and without amplification, pursuing a search for emotions and a return to origins.


In mid 2020, Jeffckott officially released the single Good Intention, mixed and mastered by La Cura Dischi and distributed by OneManBooking.


To date, he is working on a full length record comprising 8 unreleased tracks that will be released in the second half of 2021.